Dexteroid is a cool name itself and we like to keep everything cool and different from others. Dexteroid is built by tech enthusiasts for tech enthusiasts.

We help people to learn technology with our simple to understand and detailed content. We take complex information and communicate it clearly, concisely and accurately without relying on technical jargon for you to understand it easily. Be it any part of the tech, we cover it all. We think from peoples’ perspective, which helps us to understand what they really want. We are passionate about what we do and our main focus is to give people what they came here looking for.

Our Aim

The main purpose of creating this website is to help people. There are many people who have trouble understanding tech, they can’t find solutions for their problems and sometimes they can’t understand complex information. They have many doubts, queries, questions which are left unanswered. We created this website to help people find everything at one place. Our aim is to help people in each and every way possible and grow their interest in Technology by simplifying it. We believe that the purpose of  the human life is to serve each other. We serve our audience with our knowledge.