Remix OS based on Androidx86 project is a great operating system for your Desktop. Remix OS  gives you Android experience on your PC while having PC specific features like the start menu, a mouse and keyboard support, right click for option and much more.

As you guys already know that Jide website provides an installation tool for Windows to install Remix OS on Windows directly but, they don’t provide any tool to install Remix OS on your Mac. So, in this tutorial, I will teach you how to install Remix OS on the Internal Drive of your Mac or on the External Drive.

There are few things that you will need to download before continuing with this tutorial. Download all three of these files and move them to your desktop. You can also watch this video tutorial for better understanding.

Remix OS 3.0

If you go to this page and click on the Download Now button you will see two option, a 64-bit version and a 32-bit version, make sure you download the 64-bit version for your Mac. You can either download it as a torrent or from the mirror link.  I would recommend you to download the zip file without a pause as it might corrupt the file.

After you download the zip file make sure to extract the Remix OS ISO file on your desktop. Other files need not be extracted.


UNetbootin is the only application available for Mac to make a bootable USB drive so, we are going to use this application for this tutorial. Go to this page and download UNetbootin for Mac and save it to your desktop.


If you want to dual boot operating systems on your Mac then you will need to install rEFInd boot manager utility. It can auto detect installed EFI boot loaders and gives you a pretty GUI with boot options. This tool will allow you to dual-boot Remix OS alongside your Mac OS without any hassle. Go to this page and download the refind-bin zip file.

Creating partition on Mac Drive or SSD

If you want to install Remix OS on external hard drive or on a USB stick then you can skip this step. And if you are trying to install remix OS on the internal drive of your Mac then you should follow along.

  1.  On your Mac, press CMD + Shift to open Spotlight.
  2.  Search for Disk Utility and open it.
  3.  Now, choose your Mac Drive and click on the partition.
  4.  Click on “+” sign, give it a size of 20 GB or more and give it a name like ROS.
  5.  Now choose the format as MS-DOS.
  6.  Hit on Apply.

Creating Remix OS Bootable Drive

You can manually make a bootable Drive for Remix OS using the terminal on your Mac, however, it is better to use UNetbootin to make the process easier.

Open up the UNetboot application by double clicking on the UNetbootin icon. On the new version of Mac OS it might not open on Double Click so instead Right Click on the icon and choose Open, this should open the application.

  1. Open UNetbootin.
  2. Choose Disk Image and browse the Remix OS ISO file.
  3. Leave the type to “USB Drive”.
  4. In Drive, choose your USB Drive or the Internal Partition. If you have created a single partition on your Mac Drive as explained in this tutorial your partition drive should be disk0s4. For USB Drive it should be something disk1s1.
  5. Now, click OK to continue the process.

Installing rEFInd Boot Manager

Even though this utility is a boon for people like us which help us to use multiple OSes on our Mac it is kinda pain in the arse to install, not because of rEFInd sucks but ’cause APPLE! Duh! (Not Really?)

Diable System Integrity Protection (SIP)

It’s a security feature that prevents anything from modifying files and folder on your Mac. It restricts root user account and limits the actions a root user can perform. This security feature comes in OS X El Capitan and later version of Mac OS.  So, if you are running an older version of Mac OS then you don’t need to worry about it.

  1. Power off your Mac.
  2. Press the power button to turn on your Mac.
  3. As soon as you hear the startup sound press CMD + R to go into recovery.
  4. Once you enter in the recovery, go to Utilities and choose Terminal.
  5. Once you open the Terminal, type this command and hit Enter
    srutil disable
  6. Once it’s done, restart your Mac.

 Steps To Install rEFInd

  1. Open the Terminal.
  2. Open rEFInd folder on the other side.
  3. Now, drag-and-drop refind-install file on the terminal.
  4. Hit Enter to install it.

Now we are ready to install Remix OS on our Mac. Finally!

Installing Remix OS

As we have completed all the necessary steps we are ready to install Remix OS alongside our Mac OS.

  1. Power off your Mac completely, No restart!
  2. Now Power on your Mac.
  3. You will see rEFInd boot manager with some boot options. Choose the one which has 3 circle icon.
  4. It will take you to the installation menu. Here choose Resident Mode and Press E to edit boot commands.
  5. Replace the following code
  6. Now, press F10 to continue the boot. The process will take about 10-20 mins so be patient.
  7. Congratulations! You have installed Remix OS on your Mac.