We help people to learn technology with our simple to understand and detailed content. We take complex information and communicate it clearly, concisely and accurately without relying on technical jargon for you to understand it easily. Be it any part of the tech, we cover it all. We think from peoples’ perspective, which helps us to understand what they really want. We are passionate about what we do and our main focus is to give people what they came here looking for.

We also have a dedicated YouTube Channel, Dexteroid, where we upload how-tos, informative and tips & tricks videos. You can also follow us on our YouTube channel for some great content.

Our Aim

The main purpose of creating this website is to help people. There are many people who have trouble understanding tech, they can’t find solutions for their problems and sometimes they can’t understand complex information. They have many doubts, queries, questions which are left unanswered. We created this website to help people find everything at one place. Our aim is to help people in each and every way possible and grow their interest in Technology by simplifying it. We believe that the purpose of the human life is to serve each other. We serve our audience with our knowledge.

Our Recognized Contribution

While in our journey of proving people with valuable information and help we also had some major contribution in helping people by developing and providing people with useful tools and freeware software. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Backup & Restore ToolI always wanted a tool which can backup all of my phone’s data to my PC so I can flash ROMs and mess around with my phone without worrying about losing my data while having enough space on my phone which always got used by the large backup file before. So I created this tool and shared it with others.This tool was featured on XDA-Developers and lots of people loved it.
  2. Xposed FrameworkWhile there is no Xposed for Nougat yet, however, some of our teammates are working on their own version of Xposed which is still under development and testing. We shared our work with the people so they can try to test it, contribute and can also enjoy Xposed before its stable version is officially released.
  3. Q-Genius: This is a macOS created by our which helps to find answers for the popular game show called HQ Trivia. We have over 10,000+ user using our app daily while playing HQ Trivia and other similar games out there.

We will have more contributions in the future and we will keep you updated!