Q-Genius is an app that lets you find answers while playing games like HQ Trivia, Genius Trivia, LOCO and many more similar games.

  • Works only on MacOS 10.12 or up.
  • Its accuracy to answer right answers is currently 80%. Will get better with updates.
  • Quickly finds answers under 1-3 sec. 
  • You need to follow few more additional steps to make it work on your Mac.
  • Comes with easy to follow install guide.

Don’t forget to include Unlimted Updates pack to get unlimited updates for the App as it improves.


  1. The software does not come with any guarantee or warranty, providing as is.
  2.  Using such tricks while playing Games like HQ Trivia is against their Terms Of Service.
  3. We don’t encourage nor promote to break Terms Of Service of games like HQ Trivia nor we take any responsibility if you choose to do so.
  4. This software is provided only for the educational purpose and to test its capabilities, DO NOT USE TO CHEAT!.
  5. We are only providing software compilation service and not selling the software itself.

For any queries or problems, you can ask us in the comment section down below OR E-mail us at [email protected]


  1. We have tested this app many times, sometimes it gives right answers all the time and sometimes it doesn’t. This totally depends on how HQ Trivia formats its questions, the app will be updated to solve such issues in future. The later updates will let the Q-Genius App connect directly to HQ Trivia server so you don’t have to mirror your phone or record the screen. It will also come with Artifical Intelligence algorithm to give answers with high accuracy.
  2. The app does not guarantee 100% right answers, so please don’t message us saying you lost the game. If at any moment you feel the predicted answer by the app is inaccurate then use your own judgment.
  3. If you feel like you don’t want to risk your $5 right now then you can buy it later or better get the app now and include the unlimited updates to get the improved app as soon as it is available.
  4. There are people who have already won few games using our app and so can you.
  5. No refunds! Buy at your own risk. Refunds only available for Unlimited Updates within 24 hours of purchase.

Affiliate Program! 

Share Q-Genius with your friends, family, and others and earn 20% for each sale. You can signup for affiliate program from here: Affiliate Program
Affiliate is only valid for software and not for Updates.

How To Purchase and Download

Note: Before you purchase the app, we would like to tell that the there has been lots of issues with the app and this has something to do with the Google CSE we are using with the app. We have no control over how Google CSE works, so we are trying to find a workaround to eliminate this issue. According to what some people have reported, the app worked for the first 24 hours and then it starts to create issues. There is nothing we are doing here, the problem is with the Google CSE. Though, the app works fine most of the time for some people including myself. The reason why we only provide refunds only within 24 hours of purchase as PayPal bank transfer begins after 24 hours of purchase and not because there is some scam involved in it. In fact, the reason we use PayPal is to make whole the process safer and easy to manage refunds. So, for now, we are providing the updates for free with the software until the major problem is fixed and those who have already purchased the updates will get extra rewards in the form of cash or premium features.