Many of you have seen some kind of ads once in a while in your Instagram feed. Sometimes they are good but mostly they go too crazy with showing ads. Some ads may not make any sense and disturb you a lot. It diverts you from the beautiful images that you may further come across.

Ads can seriously ruin your mood. It’s quite irritating to a user for getting same ads even if we don’t want it. Once in a while its ok but regular ads totally wreck the experience of your feed.

Since ads are the source of revenue for Instagram, so removing it completely may affect their income but user’s experience is more important than money so here are the simple and easy steps to  Completly Remove Ads From Instagram Feed.

Ads can be simply identified, you just need to see below the post it is written: “sponsored”. Every ad that is paid by product manufacturer is supposed to have the Tag of sponsored ads.

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Completely Remove Ads From Instagram Feed

  1. Identify the sponsored ads correctly it is always written in the sponsored ad that is “sponsored“. Observe 3 dots. It will appear on the top right corner.
  2. Tap on ““.
  3. And then a window appear showing “Hide This” option.
  4. Tap on “Hide This“.
  5. Then you will be asked that “Why don’t you want to see this ad?
  6. Select “It’s inappropriate“.
  7. Selecting other 2 option will just hide it. For removing ads completely select the inappropriate option.
  8. Just execute the above process for each and every ad that you come across for about a week.
  9. This kind of activity will lead to the removal of ads completely from your Instagram feed.

This process may not seems to be effective. But just follow this simple step for a week and you will definitely notice the results.

The above process will also work for Instagram stories. Even if it completely not remove your ads but it will surely reduce the number of them.