Have you ever wondered how some people manage to compress large files to very small size? In this tutorial, I will show you how you can compress large files into a very small size. And as mentioned in the title I will show you how I compressed a 100GB file to just 50KB.

There is one thing you need to keep in mind that, there is no software out there that can compress files which are already highly compressed. Simply put, you cannot compress media files like JPEG or MP4 files because these files are already in a compressed format. However, this method will work for raw media files.

The tool I’ll be going to use in this tutorial is called FreeArc. This is a compression tool and not many people know about this tool. Unlike WinRAR or 7-zip this tool will give you the highest compression. This tool is available for 32-bit version only, but soon it will be available for 64-bit machines and will also add some more features.

 How To Get The Highest Compression?

If you want to compress files to a very small size than you need to take care of the following things:

  • Make sure the files you’re trying to compress are not already in a compressed format like JPEG or MP4.
  • Make sure you’re not trying to compress an already compressed file like .zip or .rar or .7z
  • Check for the compression ratio percentage,  if you get a lower percentage or zero percentage than the compression will be the highest.  the lower the compression ratio is the higher will be the compression and the lower will be the file size.
  •  Make sure that you choose maximum compression from the compression tab.

How To Use The Tool

  1. Download and Install the tool from here: FreeArc OR Mirror
  2. Right Click on any of the files.
  3. In the options menu, under FreeArc, choose “add to archive”.
  4. Here you can choose from different setting according to your needs.
  5. From the Compression Menu, you can choose the compression level.
  6. Now click OK. It will take some time to finish depending on your computer specs and file size.

You can check the video below to know compression works with different kind of files and especially the 100GB file to 50KB file. You can find the test file at the end of this post which you can download and see the proof yourself.

Download test file here: 100GB to 50KB