Microsoft Edge, the default web browser in Windows 10 developed by Microsoft. It replaced Internet Explorer as the default browser on Windows 10. It will also be the default browser of the forthcoming release of Windows 10 for smartphones.

“Spartan” was first made publicly available as the default browser of Windows 10 Technical Preview build 10049. The new engine used by “Spartan” was previously available in Windows 10 builds as part of Internet Explorer 11, and was also to be used by the browser on the final version of 10.

Your browsing history is the information that Microsoft Edge remembers and stores on a PC as your browse the web. This includes the info you’ve entered into forms, passwords, and sites you’ve visited, and it helps make your browsing experience better. If you’re using a shared or public PC, you might not want Microsoft Edge to remember your browsing history.

What gets deleted when you delete your browsing history

Types of info
What gets deleted

Browsing history

The list of sites you’ve visited.

Cached images and temporary Internet files

Copies of pages, images, and other media content stored on your PC. The browser uses these copies to load content faster the next time you visit those sites.


Info that sites store on your PC to remember your preferences, such as sign-in info or your location.

Download history

The list of files you’ve downloaded from the web. This only deletes the list, not the actual files that you’ve downloaded.

Saved form data

Info that you’ve entered into forms, such as your email or a shipping address.

Saved passwords

Passwords that you’ve saved for sites.

Tracking Protection, ActiveX Filtering, and Do Not Track data

Websites you’ve excluded from ActiveX Filtering, and data that the browser uses to detect tracking activity.


The list of sites that you’ve saved as favorites. Don’t delete favorites if you only want to remove individual sites—this will delete all of your saved sites.

How To Clear Browsing History in Microsoft Edge

  1. Select Microsoft Edge on the taskbar.
  2. Click on the More actions button at the top right corner, and click on Settings.
  3. Under Clear browsing data Tab, click on the Choose what to clear button (To enable it).
  4. Now, Click on the Hub button on the toolbar. Next, Click on the History button in the Hub. Then, Click on the Clear all history link.
  5. Check the items you want to clear and click the Clear button.