Remix OS is built for people who want to enjoy Android features on their Desktop PC, this could be the best replacement for those annoying Android emulators full of bloatware and adware. Remix OS is based on the Android-x86 Open Source Project.

Jide, developer of Remix OS doesn’t seem to provide any tool or instructions on how to get their OS on our Mac machines. So, I did a lot of digging on the internet and found a way to install Remix OS on Mac.

There are few changes we would have to do in order to get Remix OS boot on your Mac. As macOS doesn’t really detect the other installation partition in the boot menu so we would have to install a custom boot manager on our Mac.

Remix OS 3.0

First, you need to get the Remix OS ISO file, so, head over to the Download page. In the download section, you will find 2 types of IOS files, one is 32bit and the other one is 64bit.

For our Mac, you will need to download the 64bit version and it’s always recommended that you download it through the torrent because the direct download gets stuck in between sometimes which will corrupt your download file.

Once the download completes, don’t forget to extract the ISO file from the Zip file to your desktop.


As there is no Mac tool provided for installation of Remix OS we are going to use a well knows utility for Mac which will allow us to make a bootable USB drive.

Go the Download page and download the UNetbootin app. You can either save it on your desktop if you want to use it once or move it to your application folder.


rEFInd is a custom boot manager for Mac which allows us to boot different OSes which is not possible with the default boot manager for Mac. However, installing rEFInd won’t harm your Mac in any way, it’s pretty safe and you can remove it anytime you want and you will get your old default boot manager.


Creating partition on Mac Drive or SSD

If you want to install Remix OS in your Mac drive then you will need to create a separate partition for it, you can also create a small partition for Remix OS on an external hard drive.

  1. Open up Spotlight by pressing CMD + Shift then search for Disk Utility OR just go launchpad, tools and open Disk Utility. 
  2.  Next, choose your Mac Drive or your External Drive and click on the partition.
  3.  Click on “+” sign, give it a minimum size of 20GB and name it to something like “Remix OS”.
  4.  Now choose the format as MS-DOS.
  5.  Hit on Apply and your partition should be created.

Creating Remix OS Bootable Drive

  1. Open the UNetBootin app, if it doesn’t open then right click on it and choose open
  2. Click on Choose Disk Image and look for the Remix OS ISO file that you have extracted before.
  3. Make sure to leave the type to “USB Drive”.
  4. In the Drive section, choose Internal Drive Partition or External Drive or USB Drive whichever you like to install Remix OS on. If you have created a single partition in your internal drive your partition drive should be disk0s4 and for USB drive it should be disk1s1. If you are not sure then you can use diskutil list to list all the available partition.
  5. Once you selected your drive/partition click on OK to continue.

Installing rEFInd Boot Manager

This process involves making changes to the system directory of Mac and on newer Mac OS this is not possible unless you disable SIP or do this process from recovery using the terminal. We are going to disable SIP in order to get this done.

Diable System Integrity Protection (SIP)

  1. First, you need to completely power off your Mac.
  2. Next, you need to turn on your Mac by pressing the power button.
  3. And as soon as you hear a chime sound press CMD + R to go into recovery mode.
  4. Once you have entered in the recovery, go to Utilities and choose Terminal.
  5. Once you open the Terminal, you need to type this command and hit Enter
    csrutil disable
  6. Once that’s done, restart your Mac.

 Steps To Install rEFInd

  1. Open up the Terminal.
  2. Open rEFInd folder and make sure all files are present in it.
  3. Next, drag-and-drop refind-install file to the terminal window.
  4. Hit Enter to install it.

Installing Remix OS

Disconnect any other drives except the one on which you have planned to install Remix OS on.

  1. First, completely power off your Mac.
  2. Now Power on your Mac back again.
  3. Your Mac will boot into the rEFInd boot manager with some boot options. YYou need to select the option with 3 circle icon.
  4. This will take you to the installation menu. Here choose Resident Mode with arrow keys then Press E to edit boot commands.
  5. Replace the following code
    Here change the DPI value according to your Mac’s resolution.
  6. Next, press F10 to continue the boot process. This process should take about 10-20 mins or less.
  7. One the Remix OS boots up this means you have successfully installed it. Next time when you have to run Remix OS and you are in the rEFInd boot menu, you will see many boot options. Try to choose a different option and one of them should take you to the Remix OS.