We already know that Microsoft Windows 10 comes with many pre-installed apps and some of us will never ever bother to use these apps. Some of these apps can be downloaded from Windows Store app . But sometimes they can’t be  downloaded just like Windows store app itself.

If you have read my post on how to remove default apps in Windows 10 and in excitement you have deleted all the apps, you don’t have to worry. If you to install these apps without using windows store or if you want to reinstall all those apps you have removed or if you want to install some specific app only then this guide will teach you how to do it.

Before proceeding further, if you have uninstalled your default Windows apps permanently from Windows 10 image, you need to follow some extra steps before moving ahead. You need to get the apps file to recover your apps that you permanently deleted.

You can ask your friend or you can use another computer which is running Windows 10.


Install Windows 10 in your system using VMware.


If you have Windows 10 ISO downloaded, you can use it to recover your app files.

  • First, download and install 7-zip.
  • Extract the Windows 10 ISO file in a New Folder.
  • Once extracted, navigate to New Folder\sources and look for the file named install.wim
  • Open install.wim with 7-zip and navigate to install.wim\1\Program Files\WindowsApps\ and extract these files in this folder to another new folder. Copy all these files.
  1. Go to C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\ using someone else’s computer or in the Windows 10 you just installed using VMware. (skip this step if you have used 7-zip to recover app files)
  2. Copy all the files from this folder. If you are using someone else’s PC you can copy paste the file to the USB drive.
  3. Paste all the files you just copied in this folder C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\ in your Windows 10, skip the one which all already present.
  4. Now once you are done copying, you are ready to move ahead and follow the steps below.

First Method

Steps to reinstall all apps at once.

  • Go to search, type PoweShell
  • Open PoweShell as administrator
  • Now copy this code
    Get-AppXPackage | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml"}

    Right click to paste it in PowerShell and then hit Enter to execute.

  • It will take some time to process. You are done!

If you get some error don’t worry it should have installed the apps, just reboot and you will see all your default apps back again.

Second method

In this method, I will teach you how to reinstall all apps at once and also how to install an individual app.

  • First, go ahead and download this zip file http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=619547 Download
  • Once downloaded, extract the zip file on the desktop.
  • Now open PowerShell as administrator.
  • IfyourPowerShell shows this directory  PS C:\WINDOWS\system32>, run this command
    cd ../../

    And then run this command (replace “YourUserName” with your current username)

    CD Users\YourUserName\Desktop
  • IfyourPowerShell shows this directory C:\Users\YourUserName>, run this command
    CD Desktop
  • Now once you are done with above steps and your PowerShell shows something like this C:\Users\YourUserName\Desktop>, run this command
    Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted
  • Type “y” and hit Enter to continue.

Steps To Reinstall A Specific App

  • First, you need to get the string of the app you want to reinstall. You can open another PowerShell window to get the list of app name or you can find the strings of the app down in the list here.
    Name: Microsoft.LockApp
    Name: Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge
    Name: Microsoft.XboxGameCallableUI
    Name: Microsoft.XboxIdentityProvider
    Name: Windows.ContactSupport
    Name: Windows.MiracastView
    Name: Windows.PrintDialog
    Name: Windows.PurchaseDialog
    Name: Microsoft.SkypeApp
    Name: Microsoft.WindowsScan
    Name: Microsoft.WindowsReadingList
    Name: Microsoft.Reader
    Name: Microsoft.VCLibs.140.00
    Name: Microsoft.XboxApp
    Name: Microsoft.Getstarted
    Name: Microsoft.WindowsCalculator
    Name: Microsoft.WindowsAlarms
    Name: Microsoft.WindowsSoundRecorder
    Name: Microsoft.WindowsPhone
    Name: Microsoft.People
    Name: Microsoft.ZuneMusic
    Name: Microsoft.WindowsMaps
    Name: Microsoft.ZuneVideo
    Name: Microsoft.WindowsStore
    Name: Microsoft.Windows.Photos
    Name: Microsoft.MicrosoftOfficeHub
    Name: Microsoft.MicrosoftSolitaireCollection
    Name: Microsoft.Office.OneNote
    Name: microsoft.windowscommunicationsapps
    Name: Microsoft.Appconnector
    Name: Microsoft.BingFinance
    Name: Microsoft.BingFoodAndDrink
    Name: Microsoft.BingHealthAndFitness
    Name: Microsoft.BingNews
    Name: Microsoft.BingSports
    Name: Microsoft.BingTravel
    Name: Microsoft.WindowsFeedback
    Name: Microsoft.Windows.Cortana
    Name: Microsoft.BingWeather
  • Now run this command ( replace<appname>withactual name of the app)
    .\reinstall-preinstalledApp.ps1 *<appsname>*

    For example if you want to reinstall windows store app then you will have to run this command

    .\reinstall-preinstalledApp.ps1 *Microsoft.WindowsStore*
  • The system will ask for your approval, type “y” and Enter to allow to continue.

Make sure you have this file “reinstall-preinstalledApps” on your desktop before continuing with the steps.

Steps To Reinstall All Preinstalled Apps

To reinstall all apps simply run this command

PS C:\Users\Abby\Desktop>.\reinstall-preinstalledApp.ps1

It will take some time to process, restart Windows 10 to see the effect.

Once you are done installing your apps, you should re-enable enforcement for signed PowerShell scripts by running this command

cd ../
Set-ExecutionPolicy AllSigned