Facebook introduced “On This Day” feature which pulls your old pictures, status, posts of the same day from past years. The purpose of this feature was to remind people of their beautiful old memories to give you that nostalgic feeling.

However, it’s not always the case, most of us including me doesn’t want to be reminded of those old memories, at least not the sad ones. Sadly, Facebook doesn’t give you any option to turn of Memories through facebook. But there are few workarounds that will help you to get rid of  the Facebook Memories which are described in this post.

Turn Off Facebook Memories From “On This Day”

There is a Facebook app which controls Facebook Memories and it is called On This Day app and we will use it to get rid of Facebook Memories. This will not be a perfect workaround but it will work for some and if did work for you then the second methods should definitely work.

  1. First, open the Facebook (New Feed).
  2. On the left sidebar, under the App section, click on On This Day.
  3. Now click on Preferences. You can also turn off notification from here.
    on this day preferences
  4. In the On this Day Preferences dialogue, you can filter out the people whose memories you don’t want see. Now, click on Edit next to Dates.
    edit on this day
  5. In the Edit Dates dialog, click on Select dates. Now, in Start, choose the extreme start date and in End, choose extreme end date.
    edit dates memories
  6. Next, click on done and then hit on save. That’s it!

If this method didn’t work for you, you can try the method explain below and it should work for anyone without any issue.

Turn Off Facebook Memories Using F.B. Purity

For this method to work you need to be using well-known browsers out there, namely, Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari etc. We will be using a plugin named F.B. Purity and for this method to always work you need to keep this plugin installed in your browsers. This plugin will not only help you to get rid of Facebook Memories but it also gives the option to customize your Facebook experience.

  1. First, you need to download and install F.B. Purity plugin for your browser.
  2. Go to your Facebook News Feed.
  3. On the top bar, click on FBP just next to Home.
    open FB purity
  4. Now, under Various Story Types check on Your Memories.
    check on your memories
  5. And that’s it, the memories will never show up on your new feed. Just make sure you have disabled the notification for On This Day app.

For now, there are only two ways to get rid of Facebook Memories, we will add more methods as soon as we get to know about them. We hope Facebook listen to its users and add an option to completely turn off the Facebook Memories for some of us who doesn’t want it on our wall, until then these methods will do the trick.

If this post helped you, don’t forget to share this to your friends. You can write a comment on any issue and we will try to help you in every way possible.