It is 2018 and artificial intelligence is a trend now. If you have heard of AI in recent time than you will just find Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa and Bixby to answer some basic questions. They are generally used to answer questions like “telling me a joke”, “what is the weather like”, or you asked to play a particular song or “who is the president of your country”. Other than those assistants you rarely go through any other artificially intelligent applications.

Since Apple and Google are acknowledged as major organizations when it comes to apps market, there are some apps that are available in the App store and Google play which actually uses artificial intelligence for accomplishing functions they insure.

We have gone through all apps and tested them in numerous parameters to come to the judgment of its authenticness. If you have never used such apps, then get ready because in future these apps will become a trend.

Here are 5 Best MIND BLOWING AI Apps 2018:

1. Mug Life

This app can make your face as that of some famous Meme. It works on AI to detect the facial expression of your face and then change them in accordance with the memes or clips that are provided. You can import the image from the camera roll or can directly capture them within the app and play with as per the wish.

You can also search images that can animate your photo with paintings, pictures, sketches, tattoos, drawings, photographs, renders, and illustrations

You can also use multiple faces if you want to manipulate them.  If you go for full version then it will open a lot more options to explore and create really impressive GIFs and video clips.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

2. Polyword

An app that is utilized to recognize objects. It is surprisingly entertaining to use and you can even translate the identified object into various languages. Polyword supports 30 different languages and it can even translate in real time.

You just need to face the camera towards the object that you want to be identified and you get the name of the target in the languages you wanted the interpretations to be.

This is the app which you will need when you travel to foreign lands. There you can get the object’s title in the native literature of that country.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

3. Polyjamer

If you are a music lover and don’t have any notion or experience of creating music than AI will make your work easier. Polyjamer is the app which can help you to create remarkable music in a minute.

It doesn’t have any preloaded ready-made loops that can obtain your music as monotonous. You will get the unique music each time you use your creativity. You can play solo or can have a jam with your friends on the same network. It has also got some style packet like the trap, jack house, Afro, hip-hop, and electro which can help you to create melody and can share them on social media.

Just with the help of your finger, you can create such music that can require years of experience and knowledge and share them to any social media platform. Polyjamer will take care of sync and tempo with the help of AI and give the genuine output attainable.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

4. Portrait by

If you enjoyed using portrait lighting feature of the iPhone and is not satisfied with the inadequate option that they provide then the portrait by is the app that can fulfill your demand.

You can create amazing portraits with an enormous number of options available here. This uses effects like the double exposure, blending effects, graffiti painting and some other are truly amusing to use.

You will get a live preview of each effect that you apply to graffiti, painting, and delay. You will get the result  in real time

The app was not found in the store. 🙁


Judging the beauty was never so simple before. LKBL is an app that uses AI to measure the beauty of anyone’s photo. It uses special advanced AI peculiarities for recognizing the face from a photograph and an exceptional algorithm which is designed to observe the facial characteristic and ranks accordingly.

It can be used in 2 fashion, first is the face mode and second, full body mode. In face mode, it uses your facial features and in full body mode, it reviews the shape that you carry, hairstyle you have clothes you wear and several other details through which it provides a judgment of your looks.

Another feature that this app has is the couples analysis. The couples analysis determines the beauty between you and your partner. It uses AI to discover the compatibleness of you with your partner.

Laikable - The Beauty Meter
Laikable - The Beauty Meter
Developer: LKBL
Price: Free+

Here is the video of all the mentioned apps. You can have a look at how each of them works.